Semi-dry batteries vs distilled water

Semi-dry batteries vs distilled water, which one is suitable for your car?

Distilled water refill battery is a lead-acid battery The internal mixture consists of an alloy between lead and antimony. The distilled water level must be constantly monitored and refilled to keep the battery ready. 

The service life is quite long and the price is cheap. But the disadvantage is that you have to constantly add distilled water, the harder it is to use, the more often you have to add it. and if moving the battery 

Be careful of the solution leaking out. Battery filled with distilled water It is suitable for people who have time to take care of their cars and heavy-duty vehicles. 

Semi-dry battery is a battery that still has a hole to fill with distilled water It doesn"t need to be taken care of as often as a water battery. But still have to take care to check the distilled water level 1-2 times a year. 

The advantage is that there is no need to check or add distilled water as often as a distilled water refilled battery. 

The downside is that the service life may not be as long as a distilled water battery. And still have to check some checks. and has a higher price than distilled water 

Semi-dry batteries are suitable for everyday car use. and people who don"t have time to take care of their cars.  

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