The battery is like the heart of a car.

Let's see what does the battery do? and how it works

When should the battery be replaced? And what are the signs?

Sometimes before we realize that the battery is deteriorating. It's when the battery runs out. or the engine stops midway to avoid these events We can observe symptoms that signal that your battery is time to replace or that it should be checked by a professional.

Semi-dry batteries vs distilled water

Semi-dry batteries vs distilled water, which one is suitable for your car?

What are the symptoms of battery deterioration? And what are the causes?

One car battery will last approximately 1 year and a half - 2 years depending on usage. During use, the battery may deteriorate. The symptoms of battery deterioration that can be seen most clearly Is the car difficult to start, there is a loud noise while starting and when it starts The engine sound is slower than usual. The reasons that cause the battery to deteriorate quickly are as follows

How to attach a car battery? to be safe and correct

When our car has a battery deterioration problem or forgets to turn off the headlights until the car battery runs out. The basic essential equipment that we should have in the car, that is, the “battery jumper cable” or “Jumper Cable” can help us very well when the car does not start or the engine stops. caused by a dead car battery Let's take a closer look at how a simple car battery jumper. What should I do? When the car does not start because the battery is exhausted In addition to having equipment The important thing is that there is a car that can come to the rescue. The battery can be connected to our car.

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