B-Quik Fleet is a special service offering safety, convenience and cost saving with credit terms of up to 30 days. If you run a business with cars registered under your company name or manage corporate cars, B-Quik Fleet is the cost effective solution for all your car maintenance needs such as tyres, batteries, oil, brake systems, shock absorbers and suspension systems. We offer highly competitive prices, giving you control over your time and expenses. Moreover, you can be assured that your company’s cars will receive the best service and care from our skilled and expert mechanics. With no hassle, we will eliminate all your car maintenance concerns and problems such as cash advances; the need to visit far-away service centers; or receiving products and services with no guarantees. B-Quik Fleet is the most convenient, cost saving solution for you.

  • Convenient with credit terms of up to 30 days
  • No need to have credit account with many service centers
  • Full service: tyres, batteries, oil, brake systems, shock absorber systems and suspension systems at cost saving prices
  • Full tax invoices with monthly service report

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