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B-Quik ahli dalam layanan ban, rem, aki, shock, suspensi, AC, oli dan sebagainya. Kami menawarkan semua layanan dengan mekanik kami yang terlatih secara professional dalam bidangnya masing-masing. Mekanik kami siap memberikan saran dan layanan yang maksimal menggunakan peralatan serta teknologi terbaik yang pastinya selalu terupdate dengan suku cadang berkualitas yang harganya transparan.

Shell is a multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and is one of the oil brands in Indonesia with the largest market share in Indonesia.

This choice of lubricant from Shell matches the characteristics of cars in tropical climates such as in Indonesia.

Currently, the range of lubricant products available at B-Quik consists of:  

Motul is a French company producing high-performance motor oils and industrial lubricants since 1853. The passion and excitement of the racetrack also served as the ultimate testing ground for the most stringent requirements. Competition and various powerful partnerships helped to establish the colossal awards list and made the brand the global motorsport reference it is today.

Motul is now available at B-Quik with a line-up 100% synthetic oils that are suitable for your needs and the performance of your car.

The types of Motul oil that are currently available at B-Quik consist of:  
Hankook is one of the fastest growing brands in the world at this moment. Hankook offer’s a wide range of high quality tyres against very competitive pricing. In 2014 Hankook opened a factory of 60 hectares in Jawa. Their go-to tyre for passenger cars is the Hankook Kinergy Eco2 (K435) giving a comfortable ride focused on decreased rolling resistance for on small and compact cars . The Optimo ME02 is a summer tyre for a quiet ride and increased heat resistance. Hankook also offers the Ventus Prime 3 (K125) for the driver who wants a bit more of a sporty feel to his ride but not sacrificing comfort. For the higher performance drivers, Hankook has the Ventus V2 Concept2 (H457) which is classed as a high performance tyre for motorists wanting that little extra. SUV drivers may opt for the Hankook Dynapro for a smooth but powerful ride.

Dunlop's journey began with the development of the world's first pressure tires in the world by John Boyd Dunlop, a veterinarian, in Belfast Ireland in 1888. Until it was marketed and produced in Indonesia since 1997.

Dunlop tires are committed to continuing to develop tire manufacturing technology and produce safe, comfortable and high -performance tires according to consumer expectations such as LM705 and Direzza 101.

Until now Dunlop tires have also been widely trusted by vehicle manufacturers in Indonesia as OEM tires, such as the EC300+.

As a manufacturer of superior performance tires, BFGoodrich is proud to say that they have been passionately driven by performance from the very beginning. From the Baja desert to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, our rich heritage of successful racing performance helps ensure that your vehicle is ready for any challenge, any time.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, anggota Knorr-Bremse, merancang, mengembangkan, dan memasok teknologi keselamatan aktif terdepan, solusi manajemen energi, dan pengisian rem udara, serta sistem kontrol dan komponen dengan merek Bendix® untuk kendaraan menengah dan berat -truk tugas, traktor, trailer, bus, dan kendaraan komersial lainnya di seluruh Amerika Utara. Sebagai pionir industri, yang mempekerjakan lebih dari 4.100 orang, Bendix terdorong untuk menciptakan solusi terbaik untuk meningkatkan keselamatan, kinerja, dan biaya pengoperasian kendaraan secara keseluruhan. Sistem Kendaraan Komersial Bendix berkantor pusat di Avon, Ohio, dengan pabrik manufaktur di Acuña, Meksiko, Bowling Green, KY, Hanover, PA, Huntington, IN, Lebanon, TN, dan Wytheville, VA.
Bridgestone Tires came to Indonesia in 1973 and by offering a wie range of car, SUV, 4x4, light truck and pickup tyres soon became one of the biggest manufacturers in the country With a focus on quality and budget tyres, Bridgestone Indonesia offers a wide range of passenger tyres not always available in other countries. Bridgestone has their range of budget tyres such as the New Techno. Also popular is the B250 and the Ecopia EP150 range for passenger vehicles. Other popular models with customers include the Duravis, for SUV cars, the Potenza for high performance vehicles and their premium long distance tyre, Turanza T005 passenger cars.
Gajah Tunggal Radial Tyres, better known as GT Radial is a very popular Indonesian tyre company which opened its first manufacturing plant in 1951. For drivers of small, compact or eco cars, GT Radial has their Champiro Eco range to provide a comfortable ride with low rolling resistance to decrease fuel consumption. Champiro BXT is the latest addition to GT Radials line-up aiming for comfort and longer tyre life. For the higher performance driver, GT Radial developed the Champiro GTX Pro with a directional tread, and finally their Savero range for SUV’s, Cross over’s and also off-roaders can use the Savero Komodo tyres.
Started in 1889 by two brothers in France, the Michelin brand is a globally recognised brand synonymous with quality and safety offering customers premium quality tyres across all types of vehicles. For cars, the Michelin Primacy 4, which has options for all car sizes, offer a long life without compromising on comfort or road holding ability. The Michelin Energy XM2+ is also a very popular tyre that also boasts strong fuel efficiency results. For high performance cars and customers looking for high levels of handling and grip, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 should be strongly considered. The Michelin SUV range’s most popular models of Michelin Primacy SUV and Michelin Latitude Cross offer great driving comfort along with low noise emissions.
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