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In your search for the right tyres, you will come across various different brands, types and sizes. B-Quik prides itself for its great service and transparent pricing and our customer service team is ready to support you with any questions you might have.

B-Quik currently offers 7 of the biggest tyre brands for personal vehicles, SUV’s and light trucks. You can easily search for the tyres you need by filling in the tyre size for your vehicle. If you do not know your tyre size, you can fill in your car details and our system will look up the most used tyres for your car.

Our stock is constantly updated, so when we say we have stock we guarantee that these tyres are ready to be installed at any of our service stations. All our tyre pricing is including shipping to the store chosen by you, balancing, fitting, new valve and nitrogen filling.

Can’t find the tyre you are looking for or do you have a special request? Please contact our customer service team and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Condition and warranty

Product/Service Warranty period/distance Warranty condition
Tyres 1-3 pieces - - Including: • PPN • Service • Balancing • New Valve • Nitrogen filling
Tyres 4 pieces 2 Years • 2-year warranty in case of manufacturing defects or damages ensued by installation • Free balancing of the 4 purchased tyres every 10.000 km or every 6 months • Free tyre rotationof the 4 purchased tyres every 10.000 km or every 6 months • Free tyre patching at any of our stores
Alignment & Balancing 2 Weeks • Alignments done by B-Quik come with a 2 week warranty. If the alignment feels incorrect in this period, B-Quik will reset the vehicles alignment to factory specifications. • Incorrect alignment cause by abuse or collisions do not fall under this warranty
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