Shock Absorber

Strange noise while driving Indicates the health of the shock absorbers.

The noise while driving Most often the cause is a malfunction of the car's suspension.Most of the checks usually bring the car to the authorities. at the service center to check But some sounds that occur, we are able to know the basic causes first as follows.

3 dangerous behaviors that damage shock absorbers

The service life of the shock will depend on driving behavior. car use including the condition of the road In order to preserve the shock absorber so that it can be used effectively for a long time, 3 dangerous behaviors that can damage the shock absorber should be avoided as follows:

Functions and types of car shock absorbers

Shock Absorber Operation The top of the shock absorber is connected to the piston.Which is inside the shock absorber cylinder with hydraulic oil inside. When the car drives on rough roads Spring and leaf springs contract and expand. This contraction and expansion energy is transmitted to the shock absorber. This causes the shock absorber piston to move up and down within the fork cylinder according to the energy it receives. The piston movement in the fork cylinder, which is filled with hydraulic oil, acts as an absorber of the recoil energy generated by the spring. Shock absorbing for a comfortable ride.

How to check shock absorberssimple by yourself

Because the suspension of the car is regarded as a system that works quite hard. compared to other systems Both absorb shock and vibration from potholes, bridges, bridges on the road, helping to make driving smoother and help us control the car confidently. Therefore, you should always check the shock absorbers to see if they are still working well or not. With a simple method that can be done by yourself as follows

Shock absorbers are important things that should not be overlooked.

Shock absorbers are devices that help absorb shock. and reduce the vibration of the car Good shock absorbers reduce tire wear. and lower equipment It also helps the car hold the road well. Changing shock absorbers is therefore important that car users should not overlook.

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