Shock Absorber

Functions and types of car shock absorbers

Shock Absorber Operation The top of the shock absorber is connected to the piston.Which is inside the shock absorber cylinder with hydraulic oil inside. When the car drives on rough roads Spring and leaf springs contract and expand. This contraction and expansion energy is transmitted to the shock absorber. This causes the shock absorber piston to move up and down within the fork cylinder according to the energy it receives. The piston movement in the fork cylinder, which is filled with hydraulic oil, acts as an absorber of the recoil energy generated by the spring. Shock absorbing for a comfortable ride.

  Classification of shock absorbers can be divided into 2 types: divided by the structure of the cylinder and divided by properties.  

  1. Shock absorbers are classified according to the structure of the cylinder. which can be divided into 2 types: single cylinder shock absorber and double cylinder shock absorbers  

  1.1 Single cylinder shock absorber or Mono Tube, the operation of oil, gas, piston valves and all functions are in a single cylinder. The oil and gas chambers are separated by pistons. 

The oil-filled chamber is at the top. The gas chamber is located below. When the shock absorber has collapsed The piston will push the oil down and it will be pressurized from the gas chamber below. 

When excessive pressure occurs in the gas chamber below That pressure will push the piston back up to its original position. to create viscosity for the car

Single cylinder shock absorbers have better heat dissipation from inside the fork body. because there is only one layer of cylinder 

Therefore, the viscosity is more stable and can be used in heavy and continuous vehicles. But there may be some harshness.

 Because the gas pressure inside the cylinder is quite high. and may be easily damaged by external As it is a single layer structure, 

this type of shock absorber is suitable for vehicles that need to focus on speed driving performance. and require excellent heat dissipation  

 1.2 Double cylinder shock absorber or Twin Tube 

Consists of two cylinders stacked on top of each other, in which the inner chamber is a piston that contains oil inside. The outer chamber is filled with nitrogen gas. 

The piston will move up and down inside the inner cylinder only. When the shock absorber moves up and down according to the movement of the piston wheels, 

the fork oil is pushed up and down through the bass valve. Go into the gas chamber outside. It is a viscosity to help reduce the vibration of the car.  

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