Shock Absorber

Strange noise while driving Indicates the health of the shock absorbers.

The noise while driving Most often the cause is a malfunction of the car's suspension.Most of the checks usually bring the car to the authorities. at the service center to check But some sounds that occur, we are able to know the basic causes first as follows.

1. The sound of taps while slowing down. 

When we brake All the weight of the car is poured into the front of the car. The cause of the noise is mostly from the front shock absorber. In this case, the first thing to do is to check for oil leaks. 

If the shock absorber leaks, it will cause the piston to stiffen and make noise. Another cause of rattling noise while braking is that the brake pads may have a problem.

2. Loud noise at the wheel when going up a hill or falling into a hole 

It can happen for a number of reasons. But the most common are the joints, which can make noise when going uphill or falling. Another cause may be shock absorbers. 

There is a malfunction that cannot be impacted. It is recommended to bring the car to the service center for the staff to check.  

3. Loud noise when turning the car 

Is a signal indicating that the car"s suspension has a problem. Most of them are caused by the deterioration of different parts starting to loose, such as steering racks, bushings, and shock absorbers. 

Remember to bring the car in for a check. Because if left it may affect other parts.  

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