Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers are important things that should not be overlooked.

In general, shock absorbers will last 3 years or 50,000-100,000 km. Should be checked. shock condition regularly

If malfunctions are found, shock absorbers should be replaced as soon as possible. Notice that the shock absorber should be replaced and can be easily observed from the shape of the shock absorber. 

Whether it is abnormal bending around the fork shaft or oil leaks.  


Extending the life of the shock absorber is simple. Just avoid driving into potholes. or roads that are in bad condition Avoid going up and down the xylophone too quickly. 

And carrying a weight that is beyond normal if the shock absorber is replaced with a new one. 

Should drive on a smooth surface for about 300 - 500 kilometers first. to warm up the shock absorbers or if unsure of your shock absorber health 

You can bring your car in for a shock absorber check before replacing the shock absorbers at the B-Quik branch near you.  

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